Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Tour of the Taps

We constantly change up our draft beer selection, currently on tap we have:

Radeberger, this hoppy pilsner from eastern Germany is a really great example of the style

Ayinger Brauweiss, this hefeweizen from just outside Munich is one of the best wheat beers on either side of the Atlantic.

Heavy Seas Hang Ten Weizenbock, weizenbocks are wheat beers with extra malt to jack up the flavor and ABV. Hang Ten, from Heavy Seas down in Baltimore MD, is a very high octane version of the style (10% ABV). Small pours only.

Sprecher Hefeweizen - this wheat beer comes from Milwaukee's Sprecher, which mostly specializes in German style beers.

Port Midnight Expressions - there is just one or two glasses left of the last barrel of this pitch black lager. Following it up will be Manayunk Bock, a darker lager from Manayunk.

Ommegang BPA - a Belgian style Pale Ale from Cooperstown.

Troegs Sunshine Pils - an extremely tasty pilner from Harrisburg PA.

Roy Pitz Ludwig's Revenge - a smoked lager from Chambersburg, which is somewhere near State College PA.

Great Lakes Dortmunder - a light lager from Cleveland Ohio. "Light Lager" often means flavorless yellowish liquid, but not in this case. Thinking of drinking a 1/2 liter of this while sitting in our beer garden is a sunny thought indeed.

Port Hot Rocks - this is an interesting one. It's a "stein bier" which translastes as stone beer. Back in the day, rather than trying to get a huge pot to boil directly, brewers would sometimes heat large rocks and lower them into the mash. They would do this several times per batch. This method can create some interesting carmalization of the sugars.

Boulder Kinda Blue - this is a wheat beer made with blueberries from Boulder Colorado. Not just tasty, it also gives you a dose of antioxidants.

Yuengling Bock - a spring seasonal lager from Pottsville giant Yuengling, that goes great with watching the Phillies at Hop Angel.

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