Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Watch the Phillies with Us & Yuengling WINNERS

For month of May, we are having a Watch the Phillies at Hop Angel promo sponsored by the nice folks at Yuengling.

They've given us two pairs of good Phillies tickets and a bunch of other stuff to give away.

We are having two drawings, giving away 1/2 the prizes on 15th, the rest on the 3oth. Here are the winners for the 1/2 drawing.

Phillies Tickets (1 winner)
Lou Testa

Long Sleeve T-shirt (3 winners)
Vanessa Couvertier
Ryan McMurrary
Andrew Beck

Wool Knit Cap (2 winners)
Kevin Kelly
Megan Carty

Ski Head Wrap (2 winners)
Charles Mohler
Jim Welsh

Patrick will be calling the winners on Wednesday.

There's still a 1/2 month of Phillies games to catch us with us, and 1/2 the stuff left to win! To enter, just leave your name and phone number with the bartender while watching the Phillies with us at Hop Angel.

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