Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Press

We got some press last week in the Northeast Times.

And in the City Paper.

Oh yes, and Thrillist too! (sorry Thrillist, I saw the email but forgot you had a site too. Well actually I forgot to look. I've been crazy busy lately and not everything is sticking in my brain. Thanks for the reminder).


  1. Hey, I noticed your website is really just a blog. If you're looking for a real website, hit me up. I'm a Northeast Philly web designer and I like beer. This could be a great relationship! E-mail me at cory@pacdudegames.com. :D

  2. And in Thrillist!


  3. Cory, yes our Website is just a blog, but that's on purpose.

    Hop Angel Brauhaus is a team and we all have Google accounts. Being a blog makes it easy for any of the team to update the pages or post updates without any coding or FTP knowledge. Plus it is all up in the cloud, not on any single hard drive, allowing us to work on it anywhere (I'm at home right now) and keep it all in sync very easy.

    Our sister bar, The Grey Lodge Pub, had one of if not the first bar Website. Believe it or not, back then you had to submit your site to Yahoo. It would go into a queue to be reviewed by a human, who would then decide if it was worthy being in the Yahoo search index. The Grey Lodge site made it if you were curious.

    The Grey Lodge was originally pretty much a one man band, I hand-coded the original site in Notepad. The Grey Lodge site has been done in-house for 14 years (after a few years of using an HTML editor, it is hand-coded once more).

    Over those 14 years of coding Websites, it has become clear people really value content, especially fresh content, over flash. Being a blog makes this all about content. One neat thing about the HAB site over the GLP site is that being a blog front and center, many many people leave comments, creating conversation.

    With the Hop Angel Website, I wanted to try to go the opposite direction to see if we could do it with almost no hand HTML coding, and to allow greater collaboration. We might want to play with the current Blogger template to make it more customized, but I'm happy with the result so far. If you'd like to help with that, we'd welcome your input. Thanks!

  4. My son lives in Philly and after reading this, next time we visit we will definitely be coming to your restaurant. We lived in Germany for a while and loved the food, can't wait to try yours.