Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Time

It's official. We're open. Dinner only. 4pm onward. Lunch in a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully we'll see you here soon.

Chef Matthew has created a great menu. And we've got beer too.


  1. Stopped in last night to watch the Phightin' Phils. Place looks great and the beer and food was very good.

  2. scoats.....congrats on the opening can't wait to stop in and try the food! i was checking out the beer list and was wondering if you will be adding paulaner & hacher pschoor(sic?) which are 2 excellent german beers!?! also, what about heineken/amstel light? look forward to enjoying many a night out @ the hop angel!

  3. Thanks folks.

    Paulaner and Hacher-Pschoor will both be making appearances, with various flavors of each. We'll keep rotating things up more or less after doing 3 halves.

    We have extremely limited bottle capacity at the moment, so no room for Heineken or Amstel at this time. Unless of course some regulars really want them, then we'll make some room. Squeaky wheels get grease, or beer in this case.

  4. thank god someone with a love for beer has taken over the ole brauhaus. can't wait to come in for a pint. will growler fills and take out be available as well? can't tell you how happy i am to have a craft beer spot this close to home.

  5. We are doing growler fills for take-out. Takeout bottles will come eventually when expand our bottle capacity.