Monday, October 29, 2012

Mon, 29 Oct 2012

This Week at Hop Angel Brauhaus
We plan to have the bar, dining room, and kitchen open regular hours on Monday and Tuesday. If the hurricane gets really bad, this may change, but as for now we plan to be open.

Quizzo is expected to go on as usual on Tuesday at 8:30pm. It is quite likely the worst of the storm will have passed by then. We will leave it to Quiz Lord Ryan to make the call on Tuesday evening.

The WMGK broadcast has been rescheduled to Friday 11/16. Sorry for an inconvenience. 

Here is what is going on over in Mayfair at Grey Lodge this week.

Draft Beer Run Down
Here's a run down of some of things we have on tap right now. 

DAB, the quintessential Dortmunder beer is back. Dortmunder, means from Dortmund. From wikipedia: The beer from Dortmund is a pale lager influenced by the golden beer from Pilsen known as Pilsner, though is mainly labelled as Dortmunder Export. Like all other pale lagers the beer is a pale gold colour, with a moderate bitterness from the noble hops, a lean, well attenuated body, and a crisp carbonation. The local water contains a fairly high amount of sulfate,[3] which gives the beer's taste a slight element of sulfur and bring out the hops – see Burtonisation. It also contains more calcium carbonate (chalk) than average which tends to give a sharpness to the flavour of the hops. Brewers use less hops to avoid the harsh hop notes, giving the beers a subtle emphasis on the malt flavours.

BTW FWIT, an additional FYI, DAB is an acronym for Dortmunder Actien Brauerei which means (Dortmund Joint Stock Brewery). 

When, Weissenohe Monks Fest first appeared around here about 3 years ago there was pretty much no information about it. All we knew was that we liked it. Now several years later, Beer of the Month Club has the story:  Those of you who’ve ever held a bottle of one of the fine Weihenstephaner beers have no doubt noticed their claim on the label of being the oldest brewery in the world, dating back to 1040. Well, Weissenohe may not be able to beat that, but they can come damn close. In 1050, a monastery was established by Benedictine monks along a pretty stream running through the verdant hillsides of Franconia. The monks, who immediately began production of beer, named their new home “Weissenohe,” which translates as “along the white stream” and is in reference to the large amount of limestone that flows down from the chalky hills and into the waters that pass the monastery – making for excellent beer, as it turns out.
As monastic life became less and less popular in Europe throughout the centuries, most monasteries were sold off to private families. For Weissenohe, it was the Winkler family who took over the monastery and grounds in 1803. For the last two centuries, the Winklers have maintained the chapel (which still holds services) and the brewery, and have added an inn and restaurant for traveling beer lovers.
The long line of Winkler family brewers is currently represented by Urban Winkler, who continues to embrace the traditional brewing methods that have been passed down to him through the centuries. Naturally, the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian beer purity law of 1516) is followed, and Urban continues to use the time- and labor-intensive double decoction mashing technique in which grain is removed from the mash tun, boiled, and returned to the tun to raise the mash to the proper temperature for the enzymatic conversion of grain starches to sugars. This technique, while only rarely observed in Bavaria today, is testament to Weissenohe’s dedication to keeping alive traditional techniques while the rest of the world largely forgets. It’s a treat for us to bring you such a truly handcrafted beer.
Weissenohe Monks Fest is a really great beer. I think you'll like it. I sure do.
On our IPA line, we have Duck Rabbit Hoppy Bunny. It is a really, really tasty black IPA. One of my personal stand-out beers of 2012.
Elysian, a longtime Seattle brewery, makes several pumpkin beers every year. Usually they send one of them to us in Philly. This year, all of the styles arrived here.  Dark O' the Moon is a pumpkin stout. I'm looking forward to trying this one. 
Coming up later this week, we should be tapping:
- Susquehanna Pils Noir - a black pilsner from a quite new PA brewery
- Flying Fish Oktoberfish - a favorite fall seasonal for many of us (including me). It's a little late this year due to Flying Fish moving to a new brewery. But late is fine with us. 

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