Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhawn and Oxford from the 1940s (Maybe)

Paul Beck found this great picture from what is probably the 1940s.

There are several interesting things that I see. (clicking on the picture will bring up the full size version)

- history pages on the Web mention the hotel where Dunkin Donuts currently is, but this is the first time I've seen a picture of it.

- Rhawn, Pine and Oxford was a crazy busy intersection back then too.

- Oxford Ave towards Rockledge is very rural looking.

- I think that's Steve Buscemi standing about where the insurance agency is now.

- Looks like there used be an Esso gas station back in the day, maybe where the 7-11 is now.

Can anyone make out what it says above BEER on the sign on the hotel?


  1. I think it says "HOMEMADE" beer.

  2. Upon further review, the sign reads Hohendale Beer. Hohendale apparently was a local brewery located in East Falls which ceased beer making operations in 1952.