Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, 07 November 2010

Draft Beer Update
One my most pleasant surprises at Hop Angel is that people have been asking for more rauchbiers. Rauchbiers are made with smoked malt, which gives the beer a smoky flavor. Personally I love, love, love rauchbiers, especially where the smoke is rather subtle, adding to the flavor, but not being THE flavor. So having other folks dig them too means we get have them on tap more often, which makes me very happy. As Homer Simpson once said, "Fire makes it good".

Our latest rauchbier is Victory Scarlet Sunset, a new one from them. Unlike most rauchbiers which are smoked amber lagers, this one is a smoked dunkelweisse (dark yeasty wheat beer). I cannot wait to try this one. As usual we have three barrels of this one to tapped one after the other.

Last night we also tapped the first of three barrels of Sixpoint Sehr Crisp Pilsner. This the first lager from our friends up in Brooklyn NY, and it's a great one.

Folks from both Victory and Sixpoint will be at our official Grand Opening this coming Saturday the 13th (yes lucky 13). More details daily as we get closer to the big day. The Grand Opening will kick off at noon with a ceremonial pour.

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