Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grand Opening Details

Hop Angel Grand Opening

Saturday, 13 November 2010

noon to 6pm

Come join us for an Indoor/Outdoor festival with entertainment! The grill will be smokin', and there will be music, games, and fun for everyone! The weather prediction is good (61F and sunny) for the outdoor festivities.

12noon Ceremonial first pour.

1pm - 2pm Pin the Horns on the Troegnator, featuring Troegenator
Get both horns on the Troegenator, get a prize.

2pm - 3pm Boulder Sweaty Betty Three-Legged Race, featuring Boulder Sweaty Betty

Get sweaty with a three-legged race. Get prizes for winning.

3pm - 4pm Optimator Prime, featuring Spaten Optimator
We don’t know what this means yet. We do know that our friend Fran from Spaten

will be on hand with prizes.

4pm - 6pm Victory Promo, featuring Victory Scarlet Sunset.

More details to come on this one too. Pete from Victory will be here. He’s fun to

talk music with.

8pm -9pm Don Bitterlich, accordion player, who will be doing shows with us in the future,

will be joining us for an hour of music.

- Four color HAB T-shirts, just $10.
- Head in the hole photo ops.
- Music, fun and games.

For the most up to date details, please click on this on-line document.

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