Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 Update

Progress Update (in random order)
  • the ceiling tiles for the bar area are here. They are waiting to be painted a copper color before being put in place. It should look pretty cool.
  • Iggy is painting the upper dining room, which makes up the oldest parts of the building, with really thick walls. The upper part of th walls will be gold and bottom will be dark red (Firefox will NOT giving me a spelling suggestion for mah-rune). The paint will do a great job of simplifying the space and unifying the two halves.
  • the draft system should be in by Labor Day. Beer should arrive next Wednesday. Our soft opening draft line-up should be announced early next week.
  • I have been planting flowers in the back. The Grunds left us very good soil, but that's not surprising; everything they did was first rate. I still need to order new window boxes for the front.
  • we are still waiting for the point of sale system to be installed.
  • Chef Matt was moving things around in the kitchen yesterday. He should have a finalized menu for us this week.
  • Patrick is there everyday cleaning and organizing and planning, doing a million things both large and small.
  • Don and Billy the Hat organized the bar. I need to meet with them to discuss ordering liquor.
  • the first food order should arrive next week.
All of that means we should be able to announce the soft opening date next week. We will start off opening at 3 or 4pm and increasing to what will be our regular hours of operation after a few weeks.

Monthly Email Newsletter Name Suggestions
We've asked for suggestions for a name for our monthly email list and we've got some!

Len Sinilas suggested Heaven Sent, Angel of Doom, Hop an Angel and Angelic Brew.

Dave Greenbaum suggested Pin Heads. Dave writes, "In addition to the angels on the head of a pin thing, there's an interesting mention of someone with a familiar sounding name in the Wikipedia article:

That made me think of Dancing on a Pins. suggested The Omnipotent Word.

Nancy Rigberg suggested Angel’s Share.

I'll pick 4 or 5 and create a poll.

116 people have signed up in less than a week. If you are one of the 116, thanks! If you'd like to join them, then please click here.

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