Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thu, 19 Aug 2010

Some of what we did this week so far:
- we ordered a new draft system. 12 taps, two stations. We'll get a beer engine to bring us up to 13. The beer engine will always have a US style super hopped beer to keep the hard core hopheads happy.
- Patrick ordered a bunch of parts for the kitchen equipment, most of which arrived. He's been cleaning and fixing in the kitchen all week.
- Iggy has been painting a lot of Flyers orange and some Flyers black.
- Ed has been cleaning the kitchen and dining rooms.
- I spent a lot of time in banks.
- We officially went to settlement.
- More nice folks welcomed us to the neighborhood.
- The new soda system was installed.
- We joined the Fox/Rock Business Association.
- Renee Beaucheane gave us a couple more logos to choose from. Her's will be on line soon. Renee worked with me to develop the current Grey Lodge logo, which is still in her sketch book.
-We should be able to set a date for our soft opening early next week.

... and the week isn't over yet.