Saturday, August 7, 2010

Possible Logo Part 2 and A Little More

Logo Designing Continues
Patrick wanted me to work on angel wings with Hop Angel in the middle. I suggested we add a halo too. Here's what we got so far on that one.

Pat would like the wings fluffier with the appearance of movement. Movement should be easy with wavy lines. Anyone got ideas on how to fluff them up a bit?

Renee Beaucheane has been Auto-cading logo version 1 and we should have her changes soon.

And a Little More
This week involved a lot of cleaning. We also got all of the ceiling tiles in the kitchen replaced, did more cleaning, received some quotes on beer systems and carpeting, did more cleaning, and successfully transferred money for the point of sale system (which was surprisingly hoop filled). Oh, and we bought a new ice machine. And we hired a sous chef named Eric.


  1. what about a pint glass with wings? "hop angel brauhaus" could be written on the glass, as if engraved.
    and with fluffing, i think just make the feathers a little more roughed up, like a drunken angel after a night of less than holy activities would don.

  2. Awesome suggestion. All of it! I'd only change pint glass to hefeweizen glass

  3. if you add a glass, the rim of the glass becomes the "halo". good call Anon.

  4. Are you hiring anyone for waitstaff/Bartending yet?