Sunday, August 1, 2010

Messing with Logos

I found this cool image when researching the Weimar Republic. During the brief golden age of the Weimar Republic there was a massive cultural revival in Germany. This included innovative street theatre, a cabaret scene, jazz, architecture and film. This symbol is also the flag for the city of Frankfort. I liked the red background, the curved bottom that looks like a coat of arms, and I especially like the abstracted eagle.

Eagles have wings, and Angels have wings too. Which brought us to this. I tried to use the style of the wings for her hair.

That was a fine start, but the wings didn't look long enough, and the end wings looked too thick. Which brought us to here.

Getting there, but needed something like this other cool Wiemar Republic symbol.

Obviously what it needed was hops. I tried to create hops in the same style as the eagle above. And here is where we are now.

The lines in the bottom of the skirt were just there to fill in the large expanse of whiteness. I just replaced the meaningless lines with a 13.

We still need to clean it up some more. What do you think?


  1. Pretty neat Mike. The angel face or bust seems to be , in my humble opinion, the stumbling block. Referring to the Wiemar image, maybe if you re-introduce the angular look it may flow...

    Scroll down a few pictures to the angel - Simser

  2. Coolio! Add a hop bud to the lower right for symetry's sake?

  3. Mike thanks for the comments and link. The angel at the moment is the result of some primitive tools. I think the nose, chin and scalp came out ok though. I will try to angle it a bit more. Or make the wings rounder. As I said, it's a work in progress.

    Rich, I originally had a 13 there. I'll add a hop for balance, I missed that in my excitement to put a 13 in the skirt, thanks.

  4. Looking good Scoats! I can't wait until it's open.