Friday, July 23, 2010

Fri, 23 Jul 2010

This week, we got the keys.

Week one's jobs have included throwing out old beer, old food, and other old junk. The clean out of old junk is a big job and will run into next week easily.

We met on site with the LCB investigator, which went well. We will need their final approval but we should be most of the way there.

We met with draft beer system people to see about a new draft system. They don't really make draft systems with 13 or 14 spigots, so the magic number of 13 taps will have to be fudged with 12 taps plus a beer engine. On the plus side that means, we'll have a beer engine with something hoppy at all times.

We met with point of sale computer people too. Looks like there isn't too much that can be salvaged out of the old POS.

We hired a chef. More details about that in a future post.


  1. Progress report! Yay! Great news, Scoats and Patrick. we can't wait.

  2. Looking forward to the opening.....was a former bartender under the "Old Brauhaus" regime.....ever since the Grund family closed it and the previous owners "destroyed" the charm I am looking forward to hearing about the decor please post when possible...