Monday, March 25, 2013

Mon, 25 Mar 2013

This Week at Hop Angel Brauhaus

It's the last week of Lent and we  have our last two Starkbierzeit Keep the Glass Nights. Sly Fox is in on Thursday with their Illuminator Doppelbock and Old Forge will be in on Saturday with their Sherminator Doppelbock. Both are Pennsylvania breweries, so this beer is extra fresh. Glassware will be available starting at 7pm both nights, while supplies last. Since these are both local breweries, we expect the glassware to hold out fairly long.

On Sunday, it's Easter. Kevin has an Easter Brunch planned, plus Easter dinner specials for Saturday and Sunday evenings. We will have the menus posted here later this week.

And on Tuesday, as usual, Quiz Lord Ryan, will have Quizzo at 8:30pm.

Miscellaneous Draft Beer Notes

Currently on the German Helles/Pilsner line is Radeburger. This is a surprising hoppy pilsner from Northern Germany. This is a German pilsner that is hoppy enough to be appreciated by us US microbrew drinkers who are spoiled by Sly Fox Pikeland Pils and Victory Prima Pils.

Franziskaner continues to be MIA here in the USA. So we are rotating through a number of German wheat beers until we find one that's a clear favorite. Currently up is Paulaner, which like Franziskaner, comes from Munich. Next up is Benediktiner Hefe from Ettal, which like Munich, is in Bavaria. After Benediktiner is Julius Echter Hefe-Weissbier. Let us know if any of these really jazz you.

On the US wheat beer line, we currently have Brooklyner Weisse, which is backed up with two kegs of Troegs Dreamweaver. Both of these are amazingly great hefeweizens. Both of which might make you forget about Franziskaner.

On our IPA line is Ithaca Flower Power, which is backed up by Troegs Nugget Nectar. Both are great IPAs. Chez approves of both of these.

Lancaster Gold Star Pils is currently on our US Pilsner line. This one isn't particularly hoppy, unlike Prima or Pikeland, but it's a really nice little pilsner in its own right.

Seadog Blueberry is on our Fruit Beer line at the moment .This is a very tasty blueberry wheat ale. Andy Cliver liked it when we had one on Saturday.

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