Friday, October 29, 2010

Draft Beer Update

We have run a lot of festbiers in the last 6 weeks and we have seen quite a bit of variation among the beers, variations in color, malty-ness and hoppy-ness. Now we can even see that from within the same brewery.

The last of three barrels of Victory Festbier has kicked. Replacing Victory Festbier is Victory Zeltbier. Victory Festbier is a fest beer in the traditional way, very malty and amber in color. In modern day Munich, they serve a lighter colored beer at Oktoberfest. Zeltbier is Victory's take on this style. It's a lager and alcohol by volume is 6.2%.

Pours a light copper, aroma is floral and earthy, with some light spice and a rather pronounced fruitiness. Hallertau hops really add an earthy and spicy edge to the taste. Finishes with some light citrus peel and lingering spice. Medium bodied.

Light citrus peel and lingering spice... mmm... I'll have to have one after work Saturday night. Maybe we'll get to have one together.

For a little more Oktoberfest authenticity, pair this with a pretzel from our Bar/Lunch Menu.

News for hopheads will be released here early next week.

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