Friday, August 27, 2010

Pat McGinley's Update

Hey Folks!
Things seem to be right on schedule for a 'soft opening' in the second week of September. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have an Octoberfest grand opening! (Shhhhh, this is unofficial).

Here's what we've finished so far:
- I have spent over 20 hours power washing caked on, and baked on, grease. I will be needing a new wardrobe (according to my fiancee).
- Air conditioning and refrigeration are at 100% , thanks to George Rambo who came through for us when another company bailed out. He did a great job....and he doesn't have a brother named John (I already asked him)
- All plumbing is in working order.
- All electrical work is complete.

Here's what we're currently working on:
- Kitchen equipment, thanks to Mark Doyle (Chez's driver), is 85% complete. We just need to pick up a new char-broiler, fryer, and repair the pan for the steam table.
- Ceiling tiles are in and will be installed next week.
- Painting will be complete next week.
- Still waiting on one more quote for new carpeting.
- We are waiting on our 'Point of Sale' people to install the system.
- Most importantly, we are updating our beer tap system.
- Chef Matt and I have had our first 'menu meeting' on location. The combination of each of our menu ideas, along with ideas from old menus from Mrs. Grund (long time chef-owner of Ye Old Brauhaus) promises to provide a great menu.

Stay tuned, boys and girls, for more updates......

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