Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monthly Email List

We now have a monthly email list. Sign up if you'd like.

We'll never spam you, sell your email address to anyone, or overload you with email.

We also need a cool name for the email list. Any suggestions?


  1. Another nice tradition. There was a beautiful mural of the Alps over the front bar wall when the Grund family owned it. It was what drew many folks there and gave it a nice European atmosphere. Will this beautiful "mural" of the Alps be back over the bar wall?
    The last thing one wants to do is look at a bunch of whiskey bottles on the wall, one can find that at McNallies down the street.

  2. Honestly I don't see us taking down the shelves behind the bar, especially if we ever add low frigs on the back wall of the bar to increase our bottle beer selection. In that case we would really need the shelves.

    That said, a mural of the Alps on one of the other walls might be very nice. I will look into it.

    Thanks for the suggestion.